IMA Youth Wing Kuwait organized a grand Youth Conference “Minaz Zulumati Ilan Noor”

Ameenul Hasan IMA Youth Wing Kuwait



Ameenul Hasan IMA Youth Wing - Kuwait




Indian Muslim Association IMA Youth Wing – Kuwait organized a grand Youth Conference on the Qur’anic theme, ‘Minaz Zulumati Ilan Noor (from Darkness to Light).’ at Masjid Al Kabeer, Kuwait City under the patronage of deputy Prime Minister for legal affairs, Ministry of Justice & Minister for Awqaf & Islamic Affairs and in association with the Grand Mosque – State of Kuwait. This event also marked the concluding ceremony for the various activities IMA Youth Wing had undertaken since last three months under the same theme ‘from Darkness to Light’.


Ameenul Hasan, a noted Islamic personality from India spoke on the subject ‘Youth Psychology and the Requisite Moral Character’, where he presented a lengthy discourse and stressed that the age between 23 to 55 is a productive period. This is the age where person can contribute to the world, he appealed to the youths to work for the community in various arenas and make their life meaningful and purposeful. Later while speaking on the subject of ‘from Darkness to Light’ he meticulously explained the difference between Darkness & Light in Qur’anic perspective.



(Report : Abubaker Ruknuddin)

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