Ameenul Hasan About

S. Ameenul Hasan is one of the well known speakers and prolific writers of Islamic Movement in India. He was born in Vanyambadi Tamil Nadu, India in the year 1967.

He earned his Master Degree (M.Sc) in Psychology from Madras University, Chennai and Bachelor Degree (B.Tech) in Civil Engineering from Islamiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

Among his major literary achievements are the lectures on commentaries (Tafaseer) of Quran that he gave throughout the period of Ten years (during month of Ramadan). Later, these lectures were compiled into a CD and published in a program presided over by Moulana Salim Qasmi Saheb, Rector, Darululoom, Deoband, India in the 2004. He delivered more than 5000 lectures in India and abroad. He has been taking Quran study classes regularly to students, professionals and online classes for NRIs. He regularly delivers Jumah sermon in Masjid e Munawwarah, Cooks town, Bangalore. He also does family counseling.

In addition, he is a prolific writer in Urdu language and has written a number of articles in the areas such as Holy Quran, Psychology, Family, Happy Living, Leadership, Students Issues, Tazkiyah, Tarbiah,etc. All these write-ups have been published in national level magazines like Rafeeq-e-Manzil and Hijab. He has authored around 8 books.

He also served Islamic Movement at various responsibilities as listed below:
Member Central Advisory Council, JIH (2007- present)
Member Zonal Advisory Council JIH, Tamil Nadu (2003- 2007)
Ameer-e-Muqami JIH, Vaniyambadi (2003-2007)
Zonal Secretary (Tarbiah) JIH, Tamil Nadu (1999-2003)
Member Central Advisory Council of SIO (1995-1999)
National President, Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) of India (1993-1995)
Zonal President, SIO Karnataka & Goa, (1991-1993)

He has been associated with the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind since his childhood and became its member formally in the year 1996.

Currently, he is the member of Central Advisory Council of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) and is into construction and tall estate businesses.